Features of transportation of various kinds of furniture

Preparatory work was carried out: the furniture is disassembled and carefully packaged. It was very important and crucial step: immediate loading and transportation of furniture to the new address.

car "Gazelle" with a van or a tent in the city often for the safe transport of furniture used. In most cases, company-carrier has in its fleet of such cars, as they are most in demand.

As a rule, the material for the body is waterproof plywood. Sex is made of the same material; it applied a special notch that things have not slipped. The machine is equipped with special devices for load securing.

Probably no one would argue that there are several kinds of furniture, and that each species has its own transportation rules. Consider them.

How to carry cabinet furniture

How to carry upholstered furniture

Terms of transport of antique furniture


The most difficult to transport Kitchen built-in furniture. Disconnect from electricity and water must be carried out with great precision and care, because even small mistakes can lead to serious damage. Therefore, if you are not confident in their own knowledge and skills, have never performed such work - refer to a specialist company!


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