Our company has more than ten years of experience in a variety of freight, including popular services such as transportation of safes. Typically, to perform this type of work requires the most experienced professionals, especially if it is large-sized safety deposit box belonging to the banking organization. We pay due attention to the physical training of our movers to handle orders of any complexity. In addition, in our arsenal substantial fleet of modern trucks equipped with the latest technology.

To carry the safe, if it is taken by professionals, it will not take too much time. And if other companies for this purpose usually sent the order of 6-7 people, the Rigging Service to the challenge brilliantly cope maximum of four. And if you take into account that the tariffs for the transportation of any cargo include hourly rates for each loader separately, the result is a significant savings for the customer.

Our company carries out transportation of safes and other heavy equipment to any destination, as well as the cities of Uzbekistan. An indispensable condition for the safe transportation of literate is to use rigging equipment that allows transporting even the most bulky loads. In addition, since the average room safe can weigh several hundred kilograms, it is required to provide a secure fit inside the body. In addition, the specificity of the carriage depends on the type of the safe. For example, some safes are equipped with a glass membrane and is extremely important to prevent damage during transport, or simply a safe after unloading not open.

Our company Rigging Service for several years successfully cooperates with various banking institutions, as well as with small firms. In addition to the safe transportation, we are engaged in a complex organization of all sorts of crossings "turnkey" for both the private and commercial sector, including shops and other points of sale. All orders are carried out professionally, accurately and in strict compliance with previously agreed with the client deadlines.

Despite the fact that we are absolutely sure of the competence of our employees, our company is fully responsible for any damage to the goods occurred during transport.


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