Company «Rigging Service» has extensive experience in a variety of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

Implementation of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo requires special treatment in view of its non-standard, as well as the need for special permission for its movement.
Oversized and heavy cargo is considered, some of which exceed the parameters specified in the instructions for the transport of oversized and heavy cargo, approved by the Ministry of Transport SLM. These goods include:
In the carriage of oversized and heavy cargo is necessary to consider how the vehicle will be shipping as well as rules determining the "Overall" loads vary depending on the choice of transport method.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo transportation by rail is governed by the "Rules of railway transportation, technical conditions stowage and securing in cars and containers. In this case, the dimensional load is considered "none of which, the packaging and fastenings including, without departing from the outline dimensions of loading after loading the open rolling stock, in finding the car on the straight and vertical section of the railway line." The longitudinal axis of the tract and rolling should coincide in the vertical plane. Considered oversized cargo, if specified conditions are exceeded loading gauge.

That is why the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo - it is always an individual approach to each delivery. Given the complexity at each stage of the transportation of such goods, as well as the need to obtain appropriate permits and registration of necessary documents, «Rigging Service» Company specialists provide a wide range of preparatory and directly, the transport services, including:
In summary, it can be concluded that the company «Rigging Service» has all the necessary potential, even for such difficult transportation, as the transport of oversized and heavy cargoes.

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