Transport of long goods is one of the most difficult types of transport. This activity always requires more attention, and compliance with a set of rules that govern data traffic. Long cargo transported by various modes of transport, which ensure compliance with all regulations when carrying long loads.

Also, transportation of long goods requires not only a selection of special equipment. Self transportation route should be developed taking into account the specifics of the goods. On some roads there are limitations, and this must be taken into account when planning a route. Usually lengthy transportation gruzovpodrazumevaet support DPS machines and execution of additional documents. Poetomuperevozku long loads need to trust the stability of the transport company, the well-proven in the market and has a fleet of vehicles for the transport of oversized equipment.

Selection of equipment for carrying long loads, heavy cargo and other oversize depends on the features of the goods and the technical equipment options. For example, agricultural machinery, construction and military equipment used by trains with low loaders equipped with hinged lip. Sophisticated transport long loads are usually carried out by means of semi-trailers with sliding platform.

In principle, for the transport of long loads, you can use many kinds of cargo specialized transport. With air travel situation is worse - the cargo compartment of the aircraft has a length limit, so the objects that have non-standard length, usually transported by motor vehicles. Its advantage is also the fact that the goods can be delivered literally "from door to door."


To carry long loads such kinds of goods, the dimensions of which exceed the length of the vehicle, or in favor of the edge of the transporting vehicle platform (trailer), a distance of more than 40 centimeters. In addition, unique to the category of long loads transportation, carry loads that exceed 20 meters.


The rules governing the transportation of long loads, require compliance with specific process conditions, not only for their transport, but also to consolidate in vehicles, transport speed and the choice of transportation routes.

For example, when the simultaneous transportation of long loads having different lengths, longer loads are placed below the vehicle body, shorter then put on.

In some cases, when transporting long goods provided their consolidation as in the vehicle and in the trailer.


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