In connection with the development of computer technology today, any company in its arsenal has a considerable base of PCs, so when you move to a new building one of the most important tasks is to transport server. Some managers decide to carry serversamostoyatelno, without the help of professionals, but the consequences of such transportation may be sad and incur additional material costs.

To overestimate the value of this equipment is very difficult to complete the work of the company, so the servers transportation is a problem to be solved first. Neither the office starts to function properly without installation and to avoid similar delays in the work, the server has to carry data services specializing in removals. Specialists of these companies know how to deal with such a technique, well oriented in its features, will be able to be dismantled and the subsequent installation of the equipment. Quality transport server in Tashkent largely depends on the professionalism of the driver's vehicle and the loader. In order to carry the server quickly and without damage must be packed and secured in back of each node separately, which greatly facilitates the subsequent installation of equipment.

Transport servers, transportation of server racks and their installation are also required to protect the office network against external attacks and viruses, as well as for the distribution of Internet traffic and speed up the overall operation of computers. To do this, the server is equipped with special software that allows the computer network is protection against unauthorized entry and protect confidential information.

Transportation of server hardware includes several stages, the implementation of each of which requires special training and understanding of the processes produced. First of all, it is the dismantling and removal of server hardware. This requires compliance with the caution set up a server, lift the server rack and prepare everything necessary for their loading. If you want to carry a small power server, you can do it yourself or order removal service, which will carry out conventional loaders. In this case, the servers and the carriage transportation racks can be produced by a conventional vehicle. If you aim to transportation of server racks and server export high-power equipment, you will need to use special equipment and various lifting devices. The final stage of transportation serveraschitaetsya its installation at the new location, which is necessary to raise the server hardware, server and lift to raise the server racks in the room of installation. Connecting the server yourself movers do not realize, for this client company usually there is a special service, which is engaged in debugging computer equipment.



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