Rigging Service offers professional organization of suburban relocation. Summer move - a concept that involves the transportation of furniture to the cottage in the summer season or on request, holiday travel and transportation of furniture in the cottages.

Suburban moving in their requirements the most suitable category for economy moving. The correct choice of loading and transport time is usually significantly reduces the time and / machines and loaders and the cost of the move. When transporting things to a considerable distance, we recommend that you use in place of unloading, if possible, the local movers. This will also reduce the final cost of your holiday moving. In suburban relocation movers pay special attention to the preparation of furniture to move more carefully laid and fixed furniture in the back and / machine. The customer must ensure unhindered access and / machine to the place of unloading and the return and / machine to Highway (empty and / machine loses its permeability).

Summer holidays - the most accessible and rewarding form of recreation. Country house - a symbol of comfort, calm and efficiency. At the cottage, you can completely escape from the bustle of the city - to fish, sunbathe, take a garden or vegetable garden.

Many go on vacation with the whole family on the site a few weeks or months, carrying with them a home environment and necessary in an economy thing.

Summer transfer can be hectic and troublesome thing, if you approach it without proper preparation. To avoid headaches, leave the transportation of property professional company «Rigging Service».

Organization of suburban crossings

Rest in the country in the summer or winter vacation - it's convenient, useful and relevant. More and more people are choosing to holiday vacation resorts overseas. But the rest only in the case will be complete, if the owners will be able to provide the usual level of comfort. This will help the company «Rigging Service». Summer move from professionals - it's fast, reliable, safe and inexpensive. We help deliver to the cottage furniture, appliances, utensils needed in the household stuff and even seedlings grown on a windowsill.

In the list of services from «Rigging Service» company includes the following items:

All the work we do as quickly and accurately. Our cars are not afraid of broken roads and suburban areas impassable: we use only special equipment, which is operated by qualified and specially trained drivers. Our porters - polite, strong and sober people, who have always listened to the wishes of customers. You are paying for the move only after all the work done.

Our advantages

Suburban moving with loaders from «Rigging Service» will make your stay at the cottage comfortable, safe and comfortable - it will not be quiet vacation without the usual us household equipment and relevant details. The company guarantees the adequate prices for suburban travel and complete safety of your property.

Our advantages:

We do not attract workers from: all of our employees - proven, formal employment and reliable people. Our porters and drivers know how to take to the cottage piano, safe, antique desk of the XVII century, a fragile vase. No matter what the village is your country house - transportation will be carried out as quickly and efficiently. All rubbish and packaging materials remaining after the discharge of the property, we will take away with you: your country site remains clean and cozy.

Want to book a holiday now move? Just call us and make an order. Our assessment specialist will arrive at the specified address, to conduct a preliminary assessment of the work and will call the total cost of transportation.


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