«Rigging Service» - the leader of the organization and conduct low-cost residential relocations in Tashkent in Uzbekistan. The cost of an apartment move is calculated strictly on the tariffs - hourly work. Payment is made on the apartment moving time actually worked. We guarantee the quality of our services to your needs.

Perform the move apartments of any complexity turnkey quickly and inexpensively.

Shall transport your apartment - in one day!

Call us any time you make the correct selection. Managers to accurately calculate how much room moving and definitely recommend possible ways to reduce costs.

We offer a range of cheap and popular services associated with the move of apartment:

Features apartment moving

Plan to move a studio or one-bedroom apartment and do not know where to start? You do not know how much oboydetsyapereezd two-bedroom apartment? You need to transport the apartment within the Tashkent region?

When the organization moved from one apartment to another, our staff will do everything that is needed to reduce the cost. The provision of such services as:

  1. Dismantling of furniture;
  2. Furniture assembly;
  3. Disposal of furniture;
  4. Packing things;
  5. Packing furniture.

in extra - economically justified. Partial disassembly of furniture, executed as porters in the process of moving apartments, in addition is not calculated and not paid.

We perform all work associated with the move to the highest professional level.

The proposed option you will be moving the most inexpensive and very affordable.
Dismantling, packaging and assembly of furniture or cabinet compartment during the journey apartments takes a long time, resulting in downtime and / machines and significantly increases the cost of the work.
We recommend removing furniture and wardrobe ordered separately, as a separate service. It will come as you advance / m packaging material only after the completion of the dismantling, packing and preparing to move furniture, relocation begins. At the same time for delivery of high-quality packaging materials do not have to pay, and the journey you pay for since the start of loading operations.
Delivery of furniture is the most important part of the move. After arriving to the place of unloading porters quickly unloaded and / machine ENTERED furniture in the apartment and begin to assemble furniture.
Room moving is carried out on new furniture vans, which are equipped with all necessary equipment. Our young, physically healthy and hardy porters always work quickly and accurately. We organize and execute the transfer of your apartment quickly and inexpensively.


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