In our time, of ATMs transportation of and installation of a special pedestal or podium is connected with great difficulties. Transportation of ATMs belongs to one of the most risky operations, shipping, taking into account the value and uniqueness of the object delivered. We use an individual approach to each client, so order transportation ATM or payment terminal, you can in the quickest possible time. As a result, of ATMs transportation of will be carried out taking into account all your wishes.

To carry the ATM at the place of its new deployment is necessary, taking into account all the details of the operation and this requires the presence of skilled crews riggers and special cargo handling equipment. After unloading the complex technical device should be placed on the podium or a special pedestal, but also properly connected. Thus the installation of the ATM includes a number of additional steps. To this should be added the fact that the transport of the ATM - not an easy task, which is open to ordinary porters. To order shipping payment terminal or ATM, you should initially know the general and technical information about the removals company, whose services you are going to apply. First of all, you should determine whether the company has sufficient experience in this field.

If the carriage is performed from the of ATMs-rise buildings big to move movers should have lifting straps and other special attachments.

Transportation ATM should take into account the fact that the movement inside the premises of the complex electronic equipment must be carried out with caution. To this end loaders typically use special lifting belts and carts, equipped with one-piece rubber wheels. This is done so that during the movement not only damage the goods themselves, but also try not to disturb the floor covering of the building, which made transportation. Through years of experience we can guarantee that the transport of the ATM or payment terminal will be carried out on time with the greatest possible care.

On the services provided by our regular customers on the basis of long-term contractual obligations covered by a flexible system of discounts. At first your call, our specialists will leave immediately on the place of the transport or installation. Turning to us, you can always be sure that the transport of of ATMs or payment terminals will be carried out quickly and efficiently.


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