Cargo delivery involves union of several small loads in a cargo, which is formed in the company's warehouse and sent to a single vehicle. For transportation of cargoes was carried out in the shortest possible time, the company has organized a network of special warehouses that regularly form and send general cargo in Uzbekistan. For the organization of transportation of cargoes is most commonly used road transport, as the most agile and able to quickly adjust the route.

The company provides trucking in Uzbekistan, general cargo we transport safely and quickly. We always care about our customers!

This service is to bring together in one game several small loads and sending them a vehicle. This approach makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of delivery.
The presence of a network of warehouses throughout Uzbekistan, forming and sending groupage, allows the transport as soon as possible.

Delivery options

When the cargo in Uzbekistan general cargo often moved by road transport, as the latter is mobile and allows you to change the route if necessary.
We also organize transport by railway lines. real professionals working in the company, which will help you determine the most profitable option cargo, general cargo was to be delivered on time.

Advantages of modular cargo delivery with the company «RIGGING SERVICE»

Various embodiments of transportation. We carry out cargo as a prefabricated road and on rail routes. You can send the goods to any city where there is a representative of our company.
Minimum terms of transportation. Delivery of cargoes in Uzbekistan carries out as quickly as possible. You do not have to wait long to send your order.

Favourable tariffs. Company «RIGGING SERVICE» adheres to the principles of the formation of a reasonable pricing policy, which can be confirmed by thousands of our customers.
Urgent cargo teams. Our highly qualified staff will always select the best delivery method. You can be sure that even the most urgent order will be delivered on time.

"RIGGING SERVICE" - reliable and profitable teams trucking!


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