The types of gazelles in our fleet:

The length of the body to -. 5.2 m width of the body to -. 2.4 m of body height up to - 3.7 m Carrying capacity up to -. 4 m.

1. Gazelle Farmer; (Manufactured goods wagon is designed for transportation of industrial goods that do not require special temperature conditions.)

2. Gazelle board; (You can equally well be used in the work and home needs.)

3. Gazelle with a refrigerator; (Designed for the transport of refrigerated and frozen food, as well as some groups of medicines that require special transportation conditions.)

4. Isothermal van; (It is intended for transportation of food, medicines and other goods requiring special temperature conditions.)

5. Gazelle pyramid; (Intended for the carriage windows and aluminum constructions.)

6. Gazelle-metal; (Cars of this model are capable of carrying more than a ton of various cargo, while ensuring their safety, as well as comfort for the driver.)

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