Component of the success of any transportation - this is the right packaging!


Company Rigging Service to any carriage of goods treated with the utmost vigilance.

Understanding how to properly deal with a particular load, it allows 100% is achieved in the safety of cargo at the time of delivery. One of the founding of quality transportation - a package. Properly packed goods - is an Art. In order to deliver the goods to the consumer, it is necessary to choose the shipping company, which not only will transport your belongings, but also care about the form in which it comes. Ragged leaky box, scratch, fight of the goods, and in the worst case, all full or partial loss of the goods - the plague in lochisticheskoy field.

For the complete elimination of these problems, there is a need for professionals who can quickly and accurately align storekeepers packing material values. At Rigging Service Company employs qualified professionals. Each cargo is transportation safety assessment. Checking the presence and condition of the container.

Tara - are items for packing and transport, ensuring the safety of products (goods) in the process of transportation and storage.

Containers which packaged goods for delivery to the consumer - a consumer containers (i.e. flasks, bottles, etc. payaki).

To protect the product from the climatic intrusions and attacks from the outside environment, pre-packaged in consumer packaging, designed barrier containers (optional).

When transporting from mechanical damage, mainly to protect totes. It includes wood, metal, cardboard boxes and crates made of polymeric materials, casks, drums, jars and others.

There are reusable and disposable packaging.

Has its own precautionary standards for each type of goods. They are divided into three (3) types:

  1. transported without packaging to the partial protection of individual parts;
  2. transported without packaging;
  3. transported in packagings.

Examples of packaging:
(Consider the examples in order of strength.)

 For packing also use additional funds:

Very often on the packaging you can see a variety of signs:

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